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lock boxes

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013

I probably shouldn’t post to this comic book writer’s blog — because I don’t ever want to see Jay Leno’s face again — but meh.  The “Electoral Lock“.

Myra Adams offers the interesting (and to some, surely infuriating) theory that Democrats these days go into each presidential election with a simple advantage: A near-lock on 246 of the 270 electoral votes it takes to win.

This is due in no small part to the fact that the youth and aged out of youth only know successful Democratic Presidents.

Circa 1991.

  “From 1932 to 1964, the Democratic Party won seven of nine presidential contests. The Republicans have won five of six since and, according to virtually universal expert political opinion, will win again in 1992. The experts, in fact, have been arguing for some while that the national electorate, as scattered among the 50 states, has crystallized into a GOP “Electoral Lock” on the White House, even as local electorates continue to deliver Democratic majorities to the U.S. Congress and most state governments. Disheartened Democrats also contemplate demographic trends that show younger voters increasingly identifying with the party of the “successful Presidents” they have known, Ronald Reagan and now, George Bush. It begins to seem that the Republican Party may become even more dominant as the Ruling Party than it was in the seven decades after the 1860 victory of its first presidential candidate, Abraham Lincoln, a period in which the GOP won 14 of 18 presidential elections. This thinking is becoming conventional wisdom.”

Yes.  Conventional Wisdom.

But these are things I bandy about before.  Why?  I don’t know.  Boredom?  Scramble the problems of American politics.

supermarket shopping

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Gatorade.  On sale.  88 cents.
Powerade.  On sale.  89 cents.

What sort of sales algorithm and corporate price battle brought us to this price differential?

If Patch goes down, where will I turn to read badly written articles about the cult’s post office whereabouts?

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

ITEM NUMBER ONE… Is Larouche about to lose a third of its online news coverage?

So we see AOL is now  Consolidating, Selling, Downsizing the “hyperlocal” news site that has a theory for existence but in practice doesn’t match up to having a reason to exist… Patch News Service.  This has ramifications of online news media, and how different media are itching to the sometimes impossible task of turning a profit in the online market.

AND  Let’s see what sense we can make out of the move to close about 150-200 sites and pursue “partnerships” for about 150-200 others. AOL says it plans to keep open 400-500 sites, or about half of those around today. None of the surviving or suspended sites have yet been publicly named.
For starters, let’s acknowledge what’s clear here: Patch, as conceived, is in part a failure. Its army of national hyperlocal, arrayed across 20 states, is in retreat. Itmay be a strategic retreat. Just as likely, it’s the beginning of the end. Figure its life support now runs another 12-18 months.
And your criticism of the site.  A qualified statement here:
Despite its sometimes unclear purpose, Patch’s role in paying journalists to do journalism has usually been undervalued.
And then this:
Patch’s journalism has always been, well, patchy.
And you go on from there to somehow explain how through it all, news has been covered that otherwise wouldn’t…

But the question at hand here:  How will this affect the major source for Larouche Card Table Shrine News Coverage?  Will the quality of news coverage decrease?  (That’s… a wry joke.)

Dateline Batavia… or downtown Geneva.
Judy and Don Clark picket in front of the Geneva Post Office on Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013.
The twosome is Judy and Don Clark, and they spend a lot of time doing this all over the suburbs.
The group is non-partisan, and takes positions on a variety of issues.

While this does add something — the group has shifted tactics to calling themselves “non partisan”, perhaps situationally — well… at least there’s a place to discuss this hyper-local news item.  And to guage public response to the question… “What do you think?” … items 7 negative reviews, and 1  neutral item forged to defending Free Speech remark.


Dateline Jamestown  When police arrived the second time, it wasn’t a call for the protesters, but a call from them. They complained Tamboe was harassing them.
“Once the LaRouche guys told me to leave, I knew I was there for the day,” Tamboe quipped. “They threatened to get a restraining order on me. At one point I gave them the number to the police station. I said it’s —. I even offered them my phone.”
When police arrived, they spoke to the protesters first. Tamboe said he overheard one of the demonstrators tell police the Jamestowner was trampling his civil liberties.
The officer approached Tamboe next.

“The police officer was very professional,” Tamboe said. “He said I had the right to ask questions, just as the guys had the right to be there. So I told the officer that I wasn’t going to leave until my questions were answered, or until they left.”
The Larouchies: situational First Amendment Defenders.  For me, not for thee.
Tamboe wanted three questions answered: Was the mustache meant to resemble Hitler’s? If so, why not just put a swastika on the American flag? And third, what was their plan if Obama were to get impeached?
Tamboe said it took the demonstrators about an hour to admit to the first question, but they never addressed the other two. “Before you want me to sign something,” he said, “I think it’s fair you answer a few questions.”
According to Tamboe, the officer said if they hadn’t answered his questions already – it had already been nearly two hours by this time – they probably wouldn’t. Tamboe stood his ground. Finally, the two LaRouche supporters packed up and left town.
Tamboe said he didn’t insult or threaten the protestors, but he claims they did both. He said they told him he needed mental help, and at one point, one of the demonstrators walked around the table to the opposite side. Tamboe said he took a few steps back.
“I find it sad they called the police on me for doing the same thing they were,” Tamboe said. While he admitted it’s hypocritical, Tamboe said it’s more than that. “With this group, it’s ignorance. They have a belief that they are entitled to spread their ideology, but anyone who disagrees is wrong and doesn’t have the civil liberty to oppose them. They aren’t being intellectually honest with themselves.”
A protester declined an interview with the Press. When asked if he were allowed to give interviews, he said, “I don’t want to. Call the number on the bottom of the paper and they can give you an official statement.”
Before the protesters left, they took one last shot at Tamboe. Instead of being insulted, Tamboe was flattered.
“I asked them what kind of training they had,” he said. “I figured if they couldn’t handle me, they must have a tough time. They told me they never met anyone like me before. I took it as a compliment. I thought that was cool.”

 Dateline Marion
The team is one of 50 groups going around the country this summer.
So… it’s 50 now?  Also, on the “We Need JFK Again” sign… Larouche hates JFK.  Or he did in the late 1970s…

Bears fans weigh in
Every fucking time I go to Boston I get assaulted in every park by the Lyndon LaRouche people.
Holy fucking God are these asswipes a sick cult. A weird kind of Ayn Rand meets Dr. Demento cult. I can’t believe that fuckbreath isn’t dead yet – he’s on course to L. Ron Hubbard himself.
Anyhow, you don’t stop for the Rouchies. One of them had the poor sense to grab the arm of a brother who looked like he could be Matt Forte. Rouchie was on the ground before he knew it.
The Rouchies take something that seems reasonable, like re-instating Glass Steagal and then try and lure you to stop, then POW – it’s Bumpkin time and you don’t have Vaseline. (Thanks Coach!)
Anyhow, I can see why people in Boston stop for nobody, as I go there alot.
Hahaha. I’ve been active in politics for 10+ years and the Larouchies are super crazy. Another interesting fact is they ask them to all learn to play an instrument, so you can usually spot them at political conventions by the walleyed crazy stare and a violin case under their arms. Oh and they love to break out into song to interupt meetings.

Dateline Plistow, New Hampshire:  “Is Obama Worse Than Hitler?”  No, but the LaRouche doofuses with their banners and Hitler signs in Plaistow, NH think he is.

Dateline Mystic… I had to go to Mystic today. I went through Ledyard and there was some guys with an “Impeach Obama” information stand. They had giant pictures of Obama with a Hitler mustache and a web site in addition to the guys with American flags and pamphlets. The information stand is set up in front of the Ledyard Post Office. It was nice to see there are still some people left in this state who are not liberals.
I saw one of those in front of the East Granby post office a few weeks ago. Gave a honk and thumbs up.
And then things get wobbly…
 They were pushing for on the spot donations to support some house resolution.  The two I talked to didn’t support gun rights. They seemed very hostile towards gun rights.
Those fucking Bostonians are a weird ass bunch. . .
The guys with the hitler BHO posters are some nut jobs.
And then inevitably comes word that he ran for the DEMOCRATIC Nomination  And things get wobbly still.
I stopped to talk to them (in downtown Hartford) they where proposing the next “new deal” that would have the US and Canada create an aqueduct into the US from Canada with a goal to have a “world food basket” to stop world hunger. 
Bat Sh!t crazy!
I think I walked to the same two guys outside the post office in Middletown. When asked what they were going to do for Connecticut they brushed me off, and definitely were anti gun. They were also very pushy about donations.

Dateline Quick Chek on Sparta Avenue:   As he waited, some people would drive by and honk, others would laugh, and some hurled profanities, used lewd gestures and told him to end his life, all in a total time span of about three minutes.
Murphy, a Bergen County resident, is a volunteer with the LaRouche Political Action Committee and stood under an umbrella with signs imploring passers-by to impeach President Barack Obama.
“We’re not here just to impeach Obama, but to break Wall Street as well,” Murphy said. […]
According to Murphy, the PAC has approximately 50 tables set up across the country by volunteers each day, spreading the information provided by the Larouche organization.
Yep.  We’re at the official line as being 50.

Dateline Warminster
Protestors outside of the Warminster Wawa
According to Billington and his protest partner, Therese Mallory, the group has about 80 protest tables nationwide all calling for the impeachment of the president.
Wait.  80?  But … can Joe Billington please talk with his fellow protester in Bergen County and get the number straight?
Additionally, Wawa posted a sign at their registers telling customers it was not supporting the protest.
Great.  Way to alienate your Obama Hitler Impeachment Crowd.


Stormfront Poster Turns on Larouchies.
I get the banks part and Snyder bypassing the constitution part but the genocide of blacks is a bit much for me. Although he mentions all people being genocided (even though genocide means an action against an ethnic group) he is talking specifically now about Detroit and speaking to a black audience.
Would he speak as openly about the genocide of White people if the opportunity could arrange itself?
I already watched this video. It’s pathetic propaganda from the Larouche organization that shows blacks whining about the failure of their own leadership and institutions only to blame white people and white institutions for their failures of performance.
Some of Larouche’s stuff is insightful, but this is not. Watch it to get updated on how pathetic and dependent are our Negros. It has little value other than that.
Roberts probably feels that he will get the attention for his message if he frames it around the genocide of blacks.
It’s pathetic propaganda from the Larouche organization that shows blacks whining about the failure of their own leadership and institutions

Another Stormfront Post mocking about Rap Music.
What bugs me is the persistence of this ‘style’ of ‘music’. Hip hop has been around since I was a pimply pre-teen and now I’m 44 and it is STILL GOING (bunch of images of heads bumping against brick wall)
As for rapping about the hard life or living in poverty, I consider that a depressing downer and a pity party and don’t perceive that as beneficial or becoming of white people. ( for whites, it would be better to read some Larouche and Ron Paul, and rap about economics.)
Hm.  Would they then rap about Larouche and Ron Paul?
Regardless, I don’t judge anyone for their music. You wouldn’t be on this site if you didn’t know what was going on in the first place.
Hm… That’s an interesting line — from some other forum of this type of politics.  No, that’s BobHope’sColostomyBarf, following a Texas turd named Alex Jones.  The Jewish idiots at Larouche & Co have convinced him that General Sisi is another Nasser
And again.  Nutcase theory promulagated by Jews at the Larouche Brain Trust.
Interesting counterpoint.  As extrapolated at a website called “Jewish Terrorism“.
And… the Frankfurt School Conspiracy theory originated with Larouche, and etc.  Discuss, oh, “White Nationalists”, discuss.  (Interesting to note, an article found in the New Statesman.  There’s a reason neo-nazis hate the Frankfurt School.)
Oh.  Here’s your David Icke convergence.
AND…   German Elections are September 27th… here’s a minor party for you, description…
Civil Rights Movement Solidarity (LaRouche cultists, sort of neonazis)

We see Glass Steagall listed in a dailykos selectionof 15 things everyone would know with a liberal media.  (Yeah, well… they have a champion of it in the Larouche Movement… kind of.)

Joseph Catto.  A familiar name hereabouts.  Needs to be pointed out.  Of Washington Times “Communities”... he puts up an article that references Larouche.  As saying…
“Otherwise there is very, very little for the collected assembly of human beings known as the citizens of Michigan.”
“Collected assembly of human beings”???  It’s a wonder the man was never elected President.

You mean the old Leesburg nutbag is still alive?
Why would you quote Lynon Larouche. He has been an extremist badly with multiple or president. He really is a nut case
Seriously? Lyndon LaRouche? Lyndon LaRouche—a fellow that Scientologists probably regard as kind of batty? The convicted grifter, and a noted anti-Semite who believes Queen Elizabeth controls the global drug trade?
Also, beware of ANYTHING that Elizabeth (the fake Indian) dreams up…

Kenric Ward of the Examiner.  He is the other figure, who pits Larouche quotes into the google news aggregator.  One lines sticks out here as… “pfft”…
Fourth, LaRouche activists say they have been targeted for physical attacks, vandalism and police harassment.

Okay.  Then there’s the article on South Dakota advocating.
There seems to be some confusion among some observers regarding a possible link between Lyndon LaRouche followers, some South Dakota legislators and a letter calling for restoration of the old Glass-Steagall federal banking regulations. There is a clear connection. In fact, the Legislature considered a resolution last winter on the topic. Eighteen senators from both major parties, led by Republican Tim Begalka of Clear Lake, put their names on the resolution, as did 51 House members from both parties. There are big names on the sheet, including many of the parties’ leaders in each chamber. The goal of SCR 6 was to urge separation of banking activities, so that investments would be apart again from commercial functions. The Senate voted, after some strong debate, to approve the resolution 19-16, as LaRouche activists watched from the gallery and passed out literature. The House agreed on a vote of 67-2 (the nays came from Republican Tim Rounds of Pierre and Democrat Susan Wismer of Britton).
Sure.  I see that the wikipedia article on Larouche pretty much stinks again.  And a one… and a two.. and a three.
It seems our young whipper snapper reporter from the Argus just found out what everybody else has known for decades that the LaRouche movement is an active factor in South Dakota, U.S. and international politics.
Because… –Among others, high officials ask questions, which Lyndon answers.
ITEM NUMBER FIVE  HERE’s your “International Force”:
See here… “Lyndon Larouche Runs to Blame Israel for Starting Possible Nuclear Showdown Between USA And Russia“… as seen on Iran’s Press TV.
And it is here.    American political activist Lyndon LaRouche has warned that the continuation of Israeli behavior towards Syria, including the recent air strikes against the Arab country, could end in a US-Russia thermonuclear war.
And into the comments section.  I do find this one amusing…
Is there no one in U.S that will stand up to the insidious Zionist control? Where is Superman? Where is Scooby doo?!Seriously, Americans need to contain the Israeli Mafia that dominates its Foreign policy.
And then there’s:
LaRouche is right about the US foreign policy towards the middle east as being controlled by the Israelis, but many people in the US also believe that. His opinions are not covered in the US because he is considered sort of senile like Senator John McCain.
Now, I have no great love for John McCain… but … he does get coverage.More.
The man is a Khomeinist’s dream.  Hilariously enough, he was at the time a big backer of the Shah as someone sold out by Carter…
The People’s Voice website chimes in with one of those articles.
English Fars news.
Lunatic Outpost comments on the news Thermonuclear War Threat.
LeDouche the old windbag needs to shut his suck hole
“Eustace Mullins”:  Retard thread….bullshit on all levels.
Godlike Prdouctions.
That. “Reporting the facts until the Second Coming of Jesus !!!!!”
AND…  (Good lord, the 170 plus comments are a whirl.)Other… Interview with Executive Intelligence Review’s editor for intelligence affairs, Jeffrey Steinberg by the Hellada, a national circulating Greek Daily. He is interviewed by Nicolas Laos and appeared in the July 26th issue of the News Papers. The interview is on the Middle East.

ITEM NUMBER SIX:  Impeachment Battles Heat Up.

Democratic Underground brings the story of a big day of events by some organizations affiliated with some Tea Party groupings.
Activists Launch Foolproof Plot to Impeach Obama: Stand on Overpasses with Signs.

AND …  The uprising begins this weekend, when activists will follow in the footsteps of their revolutionary forebears and stand on highway overpasses armed with “Impeach Obama” signs.
Seriously. There’s a newly formed group called Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment. ItsTexas chapter, which boasts at least one state legislator (The Woodlands Republican Steve Toth), is rallying the troops at 11 a.m. Saturday to overpasses along Central Expressway and Highway 121, with the epicenter on Park Lane.
But that’s only the beginning, at least according to Texas chapter leader and self-described “New Age Patriot” David Dunn. He warns in an email that “[t]hese rallies are to continue until the POTUS is impeached.”
In that case, they might want to bring some chairs.

More here.
So it is… the answer here, is, maybe and maybe not… I Smell LaRouchies.  And… inevitably when small clusters come together to call for Impeachment… the comparison is drawn.  LaRouchies call for President Obama’ impeachment all of the time.  They seem to alternate between the tax office and the post office.
And…  Lyndon LaRouchies have too much time on their hands.
Huge ‘Impeach Obama’ sign, other assorted signs calling for people to sign petition and call their representatives. The last time I saw a setup like that it turned out to be a LaRouchie. Really.

Another item here
Impeachment Starts Here
Sounds like the same old never ending rhetoric from LaRouche.
You can impeach a guy but you can’t impeach an idea.  (deep, that.)
I went over 170 links, on the same information,almost all of them used the La Rouche video:
Here’s practically the only one of those 170 links, that was a little different:
And Stops There.

And… er… starts here?  Well, if the larouchies want to contact someone … they have one guy there.  Or, interestingly…
Representative Kerry Bentivolio on his desire to Impeach Barack Obama.  This is interesting because… this is the district that one William F Roberts picked up 41 point one three percent of the Democratic primary vote.

I don’t recall Fox taking the position that Obama is Hitler or the Poor are Leeches.
The Larouche folks, maybe.

He’s been predicting massive depression and war for years. Just go back and watch his speeches from a few years ago. He’s just a cranky old man who’s been wrong innumerable times.

They occupy a space with the Westboro Baptist Church, the Black Panthers, the LaRouchies and others far, far removed from the mainstream. It should be entertaining at least. Let’s relax and be prepared to be appalled and amused by what Al Jazeera has to offer.

Interesting video game here.  You have the option of playing the “Larouche Movement” apparently… though, I don’t think they have the caucus right in “supports the Democratic Party”.  I would redesign the game to have the full force of competing with their fellow Freeway Sign wavers for Impeachment Sign Hegemony.


All of you are such heroes and great patriots and i envy all of your will and your drive to see all of this come to fruition. Lyndon and all of you are true examples of characterizing the Renaissance the nation needs and to expel the current order of doom and all the devils pulling the strings of despotism. I truly do feel your work will bring about the positive changes we need, and the edifice of the New World Order will crack even further until it crumbles under the weight of its own disease.
The American People are already discovering that their government is not the executive entity in their country; this has been intimidating enough; what they are about to discover is global government has existed for time immemorial and that the leaders of this global government are not human! Homo sapiens are not the dominate species on this planet in any way other than sheer numbers. The ET contingent that runs this planet will not be defeated by Glass-Steagall or any other paper document! TNX!
Yeah, right along the lines of… These are some of the essential videos done by the Larouche Movement, all of which should be carefully studied many times over even if possible..

I contended that we must fight back because the nature of coordinating with others takes too much time and energy with very little positive result. Americans have continued to debate and discuss plans for a solution to no avail. This prompted me to suggest the re-implementation of Glass Stegal (thank you LaRouche).The re-implementation of Glass Stegal is an agreeable and promising campaign. If this fails then we are in trouble.  If we cannot find the solution to 2+3, then we certainly won’t know what 2/3+3/2. What are we to do then?Our conclusion was this; that the human condition is futile. In other words, we all (99%+) die.  As a Marine Corps Officer Candidates School Graduate and son of a 20 year U.S. Navy veteran, it  saddens me to suggest that we leave this country. But that is what I am suggesting.
My peers and older folks have completely failed to inspire me. I am loosing my desire to fight  for this country and uphold the constitution because the people who I see myself fighting for are weak and pathetic and would die in the natural world. Although I’ve said that I would be damned if I allowed the deaths of Americans (think Arlington National Cemetery) to go to waste to the New World Order, I don’t see what role I can play as a leader in this f-ing socialist culture.


Greece Also noted
Or let’s put it another way. 15 million or so tourists visit Greece a year. Why not turn the tourist industry into just a reception centre of illegal immigration so no UN conventions on ‘human rights’ are breached. Ensure each new arrival is housed and fed to the standard of tourists in hotels and turn Greeks into waiters for this service so they can get some hotel work back as they have been made redundant from that as well. After all an ‘open border’ policy espoused by Greeks who were trained under Lyndon Larouche and happen to be the family that had the central bankster bros under Simitis who brought us into the Euro (and now pretend they are the rrrevolutionaries of Antarsya) are the direct connection between the British ‘far left’ and Greece.

Loretta Lohman of Colorado State University weighs in on NAWAPA.
Goofy Water Mega-Projects Know No Bounds: Africa’s Transaqua Project
I first heard of NAWAPA as a graduate student in the early 1970s when one of my professors mentioned it as a possible remedy to the Southwest’s water shortage. The NAWAPA scheme also appeared in Marc Reisner’s Cadillac Desert.
The LaRouche folks? They’ve been involved in attempting to resurrect NAWAPA and have provided me with ample  fodder for  an April Fools’ Day post.

Now you know why I used the adjective ‘goofy’ in this post’s title.

 OMG!  Anybody remember Jim Bakker?  (inevitable question.)

One for the Partisan Culture War.
— Not all Republicans are racists but all racists are Republicans 
— .Do you gentlemen like your crazy regular
or extra crispy? gations_of_fascism.2C_anti-Semitism.2C_and_racism …
—  Larouche, Byrd & 40 year old references???  Blah
Really?  Webster Tarpley’s wikipedia article points him out as a member of the Maryland Democratic Party?
Princess Diana:  Not Murdered.  Tina Brown on the conspiracy offensive.  Nothing explicitly relating to Larouche, but worth a gander.
Hm.  The Clintons started the “Obama is Kenyan” thing through their own campaign and the Larouche Movement.  Can we get evidence that the Clinton Campaign was working through the Larouche Movement?
Hm.  This is interesting.  Morton Downey Jr movie, at the 1:35 mark we see that Larouche makes an appearance.  From xlcer at factnet:  At the time , the insular residing members had no clue about this program and many thought that this was going tot be a big “phase change”. We had several media contacts who were brought to Club Ibykus to be wined and dined and gasp in the halo of Larouche. A few did like a late night NYC AM radio host. Some like NYC based Bob Grant correctly had Larouche as a useful fool who could say all sort of crazy and/or slanderous dirt and not be blamed for it.
Downey I was told a few times was a “contact” of ours and we were “briefing ” him . The show backfired on us when I think Mordechi Levi and Yippies showed up with Downey ending by calling Larouche a Nazi anti semite as he rolled up in a ball . Great TV and I hope someone can eventually find that show.
“Great TV’ in the sense as one in a long history of the medium of peddling to a lowest common denominator of public debate as shouting match / freak-show… but such is Entertainment.
Hm.  The LaRouchies toggle between reasonable and batshit these days, but look at any of their 1980’s stuff and it’s bizarre, but not sure it’s entirely their fault, a coup was underway (it seemd like we’ve been under a loooong coup- but maybe it’s just dumb dogs fighting over bones, because Clinton was the smoothest figurehead for it, and his tour was a mess like all the others.
Maybe I shouldn’t be so foregiving of the LaRouchies, but Michael Aquino was even in the mixture of things that at least appeared to be arrayed at those people. Temple of Set.
Talk about giving the Larouche Movement too much credit.
It’s easy to imagine a totalitarian fascist movement gaining influence (LaRouche almost pulled it off but was a bit too crazy and hyperintellectual)
Ba De Dum!

Our picture of Greece in the fifth century B.C. is defective not primarily because so many of the bits have been accidentally lost, but because it is, by and  large, the picture formed by a tiny group of people in the city of Athens.
and no doubt Lyndon Larouche has a list of them

ITEM NUMBER NINE Australian Elections of September 7th… Possible Routes to Victory… SECRET OF LAROUCHE VOTE TALLIES:

One… a possible election from Hell.  Lyndon LaRouche/Alvin Greene
Two… Hm.  I don’t see the Trotskyites around anymore, but there are someLarouchies (Marion Dee who posts here sometimes lost an ex-husband to them). What happens to them when there are only a few left? I remember a poignant story …
Three… Australians prepare to “waste their vote”.
I’m in Wills, so safe ALP and filled by a dead end pol going nowhere (Kelvin Thomson).
As such, I vote for whoever is the greatest crackpot. No wizards (like there was in Kooyong when I was younger), but the Citizens Electoral Council looks likely to be the nuttiest (pushing the views of Lyndon Larouche who believes, among other things, that Queen Elizabeth is at the centre of of an international drug-trafficking conspiracy), and will probably get my vote. It keeps democracy interesting…
EDIT – the candidates are up on the AEC site, and no CEC in the Reps in Wills, but I can vote for a chap who delivers microbrewed beer kegs by bike. Only need to work out if he plays in a band so that he’s the ultimate in Brunswick hipsterism. He’ll get my vote though. There’s also a Sex Party candidate, a Palmer United Party candidate and a Socialist Alliance candidate to preference ahead of Labor, the Greens and the Libs (and Family First).

Some election analysis:
CITIZENS Electoral Council candidate Lindsay Cosgrove will likely pick up disengaged donkey votes at the upcoming election, with his name appearing at the top of the ballot paper.
The six minor party candidates congregated in the AEC Returns Office in Goldsmith St on Friday afternoon for the ballot draw.
A blind folded staff member delivered the verdict to the group by randomly selecting bingo balls from a barrel.
Interestingly, Ann Lawler does not have this advantage.
 AND Through the CEC and the leading physical economist Lyndon LaRouche I have become well versed through studying the history of human progress to know what must be done to affect a recovery program. […]
The CEC are fighters, we have and will continue to fight the free market ideology controlling the major parties which is intended to destroy the very fabric of our society.
Be sure to let the Tea Party “Impeach Obama” crowd in America about the Larouchian continual fight against free market ideology.

Other Australian Election news… Paterson… Peter Davis a Nelson Bay resident who owns and operates a fleet transport company has also registered to run under the Citizens Electoral Council.
AND… Mallee, Chris Lahy
Citizens Electoral Council representative Ann Lawler has announced that she will run for the seat of Hunter in the September 7 federal election.
Merimbula and Eden motel owner, Costa Goumas, of Eden will be contesting the seat of Eden-Monaro as a candidate for the minor nationalist party, the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia (CEC). […] Mr Goumas believes that Australia can support 90 million people rather than the 20 million is currently has living here.  Quite a policy plank he got there.
 Ian Tuffnell … Jean Robinson … Forrest, O’Connor.

AND … Lyne.  FEDERAL election candidate Michael Gough believes in the common good and putting people before money.
The Port Macquarie lawn mowing contractor is the Citizens Electoral Council (CEC) candidate for Lyne.
A belief there was something wrong with Australia and the world led Mr Gough to the political party.
Comments section: If you party isn’t doing to good I would suggest you drop the word ‘council’ if you know what I mean!  Urm.  No.  Is there a double entendre of Australian vintage I don’t know about?
AND here’s Robert Thies at a candidates’ forum before the Chamber of Commerce.

Sore more Australian Election talk here… According to Lyndon Larouche the queen of england wants to the planet to go from 7 billion people down to 1 billion. Yo guys are going to be competing in for food becase one way to starve everyone is kill all the farms. Stock up on weapons, ammo, food, and other things.  Hm.

And then there’s their standard brand of protests… into the respectable, but sliding from the respectable.

Among the speakers, a similar pattern was repeated. None – even the arch climate change fool Alan Jones – brought up or denied the science on climate change.
There were some slips and odd moments – Alan Jones trotted out a neat little parable about how the Soviets used to send the people to the gulags, but now we send the gulags to the people; the Citizens’ Electoral Council sought, once again, to convince me that the Pentaverate were using wind turbines to depopulate rural Australia. But in the main, people were – to use the modern marketers’ term so clearly in evidence in the planning – remarkably on message.

ITEM NUMBER TEN INSULT O PALOOZA and the “Even Larouche” syndrome…
I don’t see a political connection to this case, except for those who see politics in EVERYTHING. Is there a conservative who thinks this is ok? Or a liberal? Or a Lyndon Larouche supporter? Come on, common sense tells us that these police officers lost their minds somehow.
I found the following article quickly, by someone who actually looked a bit into this guy – and found that his numbers were from a Lyndon LaRouche site, with no support.
OOOO… Burn.
Please NEVER use Kimberly Dvorak stories for any subject at DU. Any.
Fuck Ron Paul and the Libertarian horse he fucked in the stables.
Fuck Ron Paul WITH Lyndon Larouche.
Look up Bill Still, Ellen Brown or even Lyndon Larouche. They all believe government could print up interest free money for the people.
 Dada Fun.  Quincy, you incandescent dingbat, listen:  That integer of your Avocado # is the # of years that your criminal convict, mentor, idol and role model  Lyndon LaRouche had spent in prison, which is the reciprocal amount for your “Snell’s Law”  which you constantly harp about, because you don’t know what “Mach Schnell” laws mean… & you confuse that like you confuse HAARP with AARP, the latter of which you are a long-standing due & dew paying member.
Your quoting Van Jones does nothing for Democrats in general… unless they are the ODS PUMA/LaRouchies. MARWBI. FRINGE MEETS FRINGE “Rand Paul, Glenn Beck Welcome Support Of Van Jones And Code Pink”. kfreed.
Buffalo Bills fans weigh in... and insult other sports related forums…
Yes, but at PPP we’re intelligent lunatics, not complete and utter dumb!@#$ lunatics that think Lyndon Larouche is a viable candidate, which is roughly what this idiotic topic equates to.
Speak for yourself!
We all know of the good old boy club over there.  I’m not saying that there are no lunatics here    ….  I’m saying  that they don’t RUN the assylum.
Re: The Best Kept Secrets of The Dollar (Scratch that, Lib vs Conv Debate about War)  .
No time, maybe later.Is it Lyndon LaRouche type stuff?
Robert Anton Wilson was mentioned a few dozen pages back. He wrote the following after examining, then dismantling, a smear-job mounted by Lyndon LaRouche zombies on an acquaintance of his.
Look who makes the list of what makes Russia TV “fail”.
Quadtrillion? Your ill informed ass sound like a LaRouchie. Next thing you be posting is how the crown of England holds all debt by the US. Like I said a dumbass.
Please point me to the equivalent of the color-coded terror charts which mysteriously jumped in level at election-time. There. is. no. equivalence. between. PBO. and. GWB. No matter how much the far right / Larouchies wish this wasn’t the case.
List the biggest douche names for me…. actually it’s not in this thread, but in the related threads section… and so “douche” becomes synonymous with “larouche”.  funny that.
Apparently they once or twice went after the Bahai Faith.  As a journalist scanning this board for the first time, I can’t help but laugh at your “sources.” Fringe conspiracy sites like Lyndon, Alex Jones’, and of James Tracy (the nutcase who said Sandy Hook Elementary shooting was a HOAX). Real nice.
On the Ann Coulter board.  I can’t say that libertarians by and large are not anti-semites, sadly. This ugly side was made apparent to me about 1998. Talking politics with a democrat lawyer, I happened to mention the Libertarian party and he said, “Oh, you mean the party of Lyndon LaRouche?” Whaaaaaaaaa….?
Muslim 9/11 Truthers to demonstrate in NYC on 9/11… Lyndon LaRouche fans with turbans
Freethoughtblogs brings us these two gems of insults...
I worked months as a volunteer in Dean’s campaign and in other Democratic campaigns during the Bush Administration — I saw what went on.
Your stories of volunteer work are probably just as bogus as your “theory” that (unspecified) rich people orchestrated the Civil War just to get West Virginia coal. You call yourself a Democrat in pretty much the same way that much more famous conspiracy-nut, Lyndon LaRouche, calls himself a Democrat.
Tedious troll is tedious.
Yeah, we don’t bother refuting LaRouchies or flat-earthers either. Care to guess why?
As per Republicans:
Point:  “LaRouchies” are looking sane by comparison at this point.
Counterpoint:  LaRouchies…….make Bat Crap Crazy Bachmann look sane.

Hm.  I’ve been wondering that all conspiracy theories have a single root that can be traced back to one person who happens to be Lyndon LaRouche while others (Alex Jones, Micheal Rivero, etc) are just followers or picked up on the meme?
Cue reference to the Anti-Mason Party of the 1830s, and… now to knock the Libertarians.
Lyndon was the first place I encountered many of them. I was interested in the Libertarian Party, until I ran into him and his nonsense. Some conspiracies like ones around the JFK assignation were around before. The rumors about Pearl Harbor and Converty had also occasionly been mentioned.

Wait until these forces get together, and then there will be no stopping them
I am no expert but I can see a distinction between the Bill Still camp, the Ron Paul camp, and the Lyndon LaRouche camp on monetary reform and central banking.  Good for you.

And, hold on…

ITEM NUMBER ELEVEN  A question I see asked in the search requests to this blog… Larouche’s opinion on Edward Snowden.  Well… you could ponder that, if that’s what you’re into.  But howabout instead… Robert Zubrin in the National Review weighs in on Edward Snowden.  The comments section to which tends to be negative toward Robert Zurbin’s views, but it’s an issue that cuts about right and left lines in interesting ways.

like ike?

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Roll down this Willamette Week article about some person or other scouring for signatures for the Gay Marriage ballot measure in rural-est Oregon,

a random comment…

While I’m pleased to see a return to more Eisenhower style Republicanism (it’s none of my business, so why should I make your moral decisions?), I still find parts of this article laughable.


The figure in power at the time of the nation’s most stratified gender norms?
Granted… this isn’t specific to Eisenhower, and kind of peters out to Joe McCarthy and Roy Cohn…
And I suppose the key is that Eisenhower’s vaguely patriotic religiosity… “Don’t care what the religion be, so much as you are such”…

No.  You lost me here.

your clown car primary report

Friday, August 16th, 2013

Dateline South Dakota:  What does it mean that a Republican candidate for US Senate, who is probably not apt to win, likes Che Guevara, and cites him as a kind of role model?  Little, except a blog picks it up and it carries on into a viral land.  I note some commentary who lived through the 1960s that the Che Guevera wavers was basically a fashion statement — devoid of political content, but what we’re left with on the Democrats versus Republican scales is sort of the same as “Alinksyites”… or the only people citing Alinsky in national politics are “movement conservatives”, weary that the liberals are using these Alinsky tactics and needing to adopt the “rules for radicals” to advance their agenda.

Dateline South Carolina:  All right, another Primary Challenger against Lindsey Graham.
In the state Senate, Bright has filed legislation that would make it a crime to enforce the new federal health care law in South Carolina and exempt S.C. guns from federal regulation. He recently gained national attention when he advocated for South Carolina to issue its own currency.
State Sen. Lee Bright announced his candidacy Tuesday for the GOP nomination for the U.S. Senate, calling incumbent Republican U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham “a community organizer for the Muslim Brotherhood.”
Yes, it’s that type of election.  Even if you have a bit of sympathy for going at Lindsey Graham on his Interventionism Foreign Policy, he slides into a kind of … sigh.

Dateline Tennessee:  No candidate to run against Lamar Alexander, but a notice nonetheless.
During your tenure in the Senate we have no doubt that you voted in a way which you felt was appropriate. Unfortunately, our great nation can no longer afford compromise and bipartisanship, two traits for which you have become famous. America faces serious challenges and needs policymakers who will defend conservative values, not work with those who are actively undermining those values. Quite honestly, your voting record shows that you do not represent the conservative values that we hold dear and the votes you have cast as Senator are intolerable to us. Furthermore we have serious doubts about your ability to fix our problems since you have played such a significant role in creating them. […]
The letter also makes reference to Alexander’s Little Plaid Book, a short work of political advice he published in 1998. The letter said he should follow the book’s advice to “serve two terms, then get out,” rather than fall into a “mire of hypocrisy.”
Hm.  I kind of have a 4 term rule… or, a quarter of the century is enough, but…
The letter is signed by 20 different groups, most of them county-level Tea Party organizations in Alexander’s state.
Therefore, we urge you to conclude your long and notable career by retiring with dignity instead of fighting against a serious conservative primary challenger who would expose to all Tennessee voters the actual history of your voting record.
Freaks on Parade.

Dateline Texas.  Louie Gohmert urged to run; declines.

Dateline Kentucky.  A race heats up, Matt Bevin knocks about Mitch McConnell and joins in with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee and Rand Paul on a Government Shutdown idea.   The primary campaign’s purpose is to frame McConnell righward… for the apocalyptic talk that the Tennessee Tea Party crew are speaking of.   Mitch McConnell has his own ad up.  It is surreal as always…  but it’s what you get when your campaign manager is “holding his nose”, and the candidate embraces it as “what he’s got”.

Dateline Georgia:  Here’s the “Liberal Media” everyone is talking about:
Recent polling shows the two candidates Republicans are most anxious about — Reps. Phil Gingrey (R-Ga.) and Paul Broun (R-Ga.) — leading the pack. Whoever emerges from the clown-car primary, with seven candidates and counting, will face a candidate Democrats are high on in a state where shifting demographics benefit their party.
“Clown Car Primary”…
As always…
Another Georgia Republican strategist pointed to recent votes on the Farm Bill and some appropriations bills as evidence Broun was already having an impact on the race.
“All of the candidates better be careful that they stick to their own values and not be driven to the hard right because of one candidate in the race,” she said.

Meanwhile in Wyoming… Elizabeth Cheney is off and running… and faltering badly.


New Jersey votes. Or doesn’t. Not really.

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013

Election Day somewhere or other in America.  New Jersey, as the case happens to be… where Chris Christie cleared a path for a hum-dum Special Election Primary Election to set up a hum-dum General Election for no real reason not to coincide with the already scheduled election in November.

And so here we are.  The people.  The people round the blocks, voices speaking out for the Vox Popolis

The Star-Ledger has a little, yellow box in the top left-hand corner of the front page noting the election. You have to really look for the Record’s mention of the Senate race on their front — it’s right there next to “Yankees Hang On” in the bottom right hand corner of the page.
That tells you everything you need to know about the newsworthiness — or lack thereof — of today’s races.
Well, I voted today and I posted on Facebook urging others to do the same. The electoral workers at our polling place told me they were averaging 2 voters per hour. *sigh* I always vote. After all, it is my civic duty.

And the results:

Cory Booker  59.1%
Frank Pallone 19.7%
 Rush Holt  17.0%
Sheila Oliver  4.3%
 Steven Lonegan  79.0%
Alieta Eck  21.0%
Those number may not be what you need to know about the power behind the two.  Probably more importantly… a donors’ list.  Cory Booker and Chris Christie somewhat merge together.  (It’s a betting game.  They’re not cashing in on politicians who are 30 percent down in the polls.)  As always, Mark Zuckerberg goes to the aid of both… what say he through his venue of the New Republic?

Christie allies expect the governor to offer Lonegan a formal endorsement, but don’t expect the governor to lift a finger to campaign or raise money for his party’s nominee or lend him support in his long-shot campaign against Booker in the October special election. “It doesn’t seem like that’s something he would invest in,” said one member of Christie’s inner circle. “Resources are limited.”
For their part, Lonegan’s team doesn’t seem to expect much from the state’s most popular Republican in decades. “They’re running their race and they have their issues. We’re running our race and we have our issues, and they’re just totally different,” Lonegan aide Rick Shaftan said. “Steve has to make the case for his own campaign.”

Lonegan don’t need Christie.  He’s Koch.

More options:

(1) Stuart Meissner, whose ballot label is “Alimony Reform Now”, submitted 833 signatures
(2) Eugene LaVergne, whose ballot label is “D-R Party”, submitted 864 signatures
(3) Pablo Olivera, whose label is “Unity is Strength”, submitted 996 signatures
(4) Robert DePasquale, who has different labels in different counties, submitted 976 signatures.
New Jersey is the only state in which an independent candidate for statewide office can have different labels in different counties. In some counties DePasquale is using “No Amnesty Period”; in others, “American Citizens First”; and in yet others, “Jobs for Americans.”

If anyone challenges any of these petitions, some of them might not survive. 800 valid signatures are needed. If all of these candidates remain on the ballot, there will be eight candidates.

2 single issue figures and 2 vaguely defined non partisan entities.