National Rifle Association comes out swinging for Debbie Halvorson in the Special election of Chicago.

Rand Paul warns of Drone Strike on you if you’re sitting in a cafe in Boston.  If nothing else, this item of paranoia might substitute well for drone casualties in the Mid-East.

George Washington never hallucinated this stuff.

Adolf Hitler — running for office in India.  (He’s apparently a perennial candidate.)
Some electoral history for the historical Hitler.

Ernie Kovac’s favorite party game.  Huh.

Bob Dole on the Filibuster / Delay of Chuck Hagel:  “HUH?”

Bible Breakfast Guy sells Obama on Flat Tax; thinks of running for President for some reason.

New book claims the earliest Christians weren’t persecuted.   But needed to build up the Martyr Myth.

Both The Nation and the National Review hate the Mayor of Chicago.




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