John Brennan: The CIA appointee who should be controversial, but isn’t.
Glenn Glenwald?
In Obama’s “defense” , it’s just following Obama’s policies.  Everything that civil-liberties advocates feared might have come to pass if Brennan had been appointed at the CIA happened anyway. Which is to say that it’s impossible to make a case against Brennan running the CIA that isn’t also a case against Obama.

Here’s Chuck Hagel’s biggest fan.

One last attempt to stop Obama from serving second term: Dear John Roberts, it’s an impeachable offense to swear him in.

Harold Camping’s followers still rolling on.

Pump Up the Volume: a prescient movie ahead of its time.

Bachmann introduces… wait for it… Obamacare Repeal Act.

Voter Fraud list… not … real.

Nasa to get the moon its own moon.

Someone is changing Portland Stop signs to “poop”.

Alex Jones does Piers Morgan for some reason.



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