Pop Tarts messing with space.

There seems to be some confusion on the post I did about Shopping for Pop Tarts.    So, to expound on the whole “Pop Tart issue”… and now that  I think about it The Pop Tart issue dove-tails right back to Cosmopolitan.  Let’s compare the two most recent Pop Tart box designs.

I would say the Pop Tart on this box is reasonable in dimensions.  There is no great bending of spatial relations going on here.  The perspective is not surreal.


But now let’s look at this most recent box design.


Forced perspective, I would say.  Watch how the pop tart quickly slides into nothingness as it approaches the “Disappearing” line.

What’s the Cosmopolitan relation here?  Well… we see models getting photoshopped into similarly surrealistic proportions.

Glad I can clear this matter up!



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