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Haiku, You Ku, We all Ku, For Haiku!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

Ron Paul wins Straw Poll.
Would plan big fund raising push.
But son is Hitler.

Bad Comparison,
William Jennings Bryan.
Three time NOMINEE.

This begs the question.
Whatever happened to Wertz?
Became poet, right?

October Surprise?
That’s was us!  Eye on pivot
But Trumpet Reagan.”

We’ve phantom glories
SDI! Downed Ollie North!
Have pictures for Proof.”

Daily Briefings — Phew.
Everyone reads those — King too!
So ignore and ignore.”

“Never heard of, er…
Operation Mop Up, er…
The Commies Did It!”

Can’t sell special plates.
So corner crackpot market
Before Rain Sets in.

Angels dance on pins.
History’s imprint hinges
On Russian footnotes.

Glass Steagall will win!
Dave Christie’s in IDAHO!!
Local press … silent.

Glowing China Quote!
Should suggest slew of citings
But just not the case.

Shame about Tarpley.
Sought Truther Hegemony.
But they don’t like him.

On Bush book reprint
Would Tarpley have desired
Larouche parts removed?

Big Joe Biden fans!
Because he too likes the trains.
So Impeach for Trains!

On Hitler Mustache
Have defended the Tea Party
But this guy blows it.

Lesson number one
Do Not Confuse Douche Larouche
With Larouchie Douche.

How dare this blogger
Call Post Office Team Fascist!
King must’ve  sent him!

Primitivist Fringe
Shift through Life’s compromises.
Share Facebook worries!

The future belongs
To those who know their Mozart
Unless they’re cultists.

This has to please them.
Larouche compared with Jesus.
It’s to slight Jesus.

A bit less stature.
Compared now with Tom Friedman.
It’s to slight Friedman.

What’s the Reform Party been up to?

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

From wikipedia.

In January 2010, Central Intelligence Agency operations officer Charles S. Faddis announced his support of the party in The Baltimore Sun: “I have decided to throw in my lot with the Reform Party of the United States.”[25]

In February 2010, former Reform Party Chairman Pat Choate emerged to discuss the appeal of the Tea Party movement, contrasting it with Ross Perot’s party, saying: “The difference with the Tea Party is it’s been heavily pushed by a bunch of talk-show conservatives. You have the Republican Party attempting to use this as a means to pull independents or conservative independents to their policies, to their agenda.”[26]

In February, Congressional candidates filed to run as Reform Party candidates in all four of Mississippi‘s congressional districts, but none for any statewide offices.[27] Among these are Barbara Dale Washer, Tracella Lou O’Hara Hill, and Anna Jewel Revies.[28]

In April 2010, Dan Quayle condemned the Reform Party on CBS, saying: “Many remember the Reform Party of the 1990s, which formed around the candidacy of Ross Perot. I sure do, because it eliminated any chance that President George H.W. Bush and I would prevail over Bill Clinton and Al Gore in 1992. Speaking on behalf of the Bush-Quayle campaign, to this day we firmly believe that Perot cost the Republican Party the White House.”[29]

Pat Choate again surfaced on April 28, 2010 to give an interview to Monmouth University‘s student newspaper. In it he remained suspicious of the Tea Party movement, saying: “At these [Tea Party] events, a professional Republican always speaks. What to me is questionable is that the Tea Parties endorse candidates, but never endorse Democrats—they seem to be a front for the Republican Party. We were seen as very serious. Perot gave millions, we fielded candidates, and we were a real threat to the status quo. The media treats the Tea Parties as a sign of dissatisfaction, and views them skeptically.”[30]

Kristin Davis, the Manhattan madam involved in the Elliot Spitzer scandal, announced on June 27, 2010 that she was running for Governor on the Reform Party ticket after failing to secure to Libertarian Party nomination. Davis condemned the Democrats and Republicans for catering to wealthy Caucasian males, saying: “Where are the women, the Hispanics, the African-Americans and the gay people? We must reject their tired old thinking….”[31] On June 29, 2010, Reform Party National Committee chairman David Collison sent Davis a cease-and-desist notice demanding that she immediately change the name under which she is seeking to run for Governor. Davis, who made no previous attempt to obtain permission to run as an official Reform Party candidate, quickly withdrew her use of the Reform Party name. Davis was never part of the Reform Party.[citation needed] She filed as an Independent Candidate by obtaining the 15,000 minimum signatures needed in New York State.[32]

So, what’s going on with the Reform Party?
#1:  CIA guy throws his support for Reform Party.  Hard to figure why, but to each their own.
#2: Perot’s less famous running mate gave speech where he dismissed the Tea Party as Republican front group.
#3:  Four candidates ran in Mississippi, though didn’t get anywhere.
#4:  Dan Quayle bitched about Ross Perot.
#5:  Perot’s less famous running mate said his dismissal of the Tea Party again.
#6:  The Madame that sold Eliot Spitzer prostitution service floated a run on the Reform Party, the Reform Party stopped her, which is odd because I thought she eventually ended up on the Libertarian line — but that’s only because Reason interviewed her.

So.  There you go.  The last six Reform Party news items, as determined by people who care.

Great Speeches Heard on the Congressional Floor

Saturday, February 12th, 2011

Senator Lawrence Sherman, Illinois, 1919

“… a coterie of politicians gilded and plated by a group of theorizing, intolerant intellectuals as wildly impractical as ever beat high heaven with their phrase – making jargon. . . . They appeal to the iconoclast, the freak, the degenerate . . . essayists of incalculable horsepower who have essayed everything under the sun. . . . Psychologists with X-ray vision drop different colored handkerchiefs on a table, spill a half pint of navy beans, ask you in a sepulchral tone what disease Walter Raleigh died of, and demand the number of legumes without counting.  Your memory, perceptive faculties, concentration, and other mental giblets are tagged and you are pigeonholed for future reference.  I have seen those psychologists in my time and have dealt with them.  If they were put out in a forest or in a potato patch, they have not sense enough to kill a rabbit or dig a potato to save themselves from the pangs of starvation.  This is a government by professors and intellectuals.  I repeat, intellectuals are good enough in their places, but a country run by professors is ultimately destined to Bolshevism and explosion.”

George Dondero, Congressman of Michigan, holding strong against expressionism, surrealism, dadaism, futurism… 1946, repeated in 1952

The art of the isms, the weapon of the Russian Revolution, is the art which has been transplanted to America, and today, having infiltrated and saturated many of our art centers, threatens to overawe and overpower the fine art of our tradidion and inheritance.  So called modern or contemporary art in our own beloved country contains all the isms of depravity, decadence, and destruction. . . .
All these isms are of foreign origins, and truly should have no place in American art. . . All are instruments and weapons of destruction.

The Gingrich Trump Show

Friday, February 11th, 2011

How nice.

Speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference, Mr. Gingrich declared that “Barack Obama is no Ronald Reagan.” But he offered a pointed suggestion to the audience: invite President Obama to give the keynote speech at the conference next year.

But only, he said, if Mr. Obama follows through on suggestions that he is moving toward the center.

Has Obama, or any of his first level of surrogates, expressly said — in these terms, mind you — “I am moving toward the center”.  I hope not.  Even if that’s their road-map moving forward, and their mental trajectory of the “playing field” you don’t describe policies in those terms — make of the speech before the Chamber of Commerce what you may.   Apparently what Gingrich means here:

Among the things Mr. Gingrich said Mr. Obama should do is sign a bill repealing his health care plan, sign tort reform for doctors, repeal the estate tax, sign a conservative budget and act to “decisively control the border now.”

If Mr. Obama does those things, Mr. Gingrich said, he deserves to be invited next year. (Though he added that he was not counting on it.)

Rhetorically praise Clinton, then jump to the hoops and claim Obama is Carter.

Instead, Gingrich ripped Obama’s national security record, specifically in the Middle East. “The Obama administration is wrong on terrorism, wrong on Iran, wrong on Hezbollah, wrong on the Muslim Brotherhood,” he said.

Two words on the threat of Socialism, ring up Donald Trump:

Real estate mogul Donald Trump told the crowd gathered at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C., Thursday that Republican Rep. Ron Paul “cannot get elected. Sorry.” Trump toyed with the crowd and hinted at a White House run in 2012. In his CPAC conference speech, Trump said, “I have a reputation for telling it like it is… and I may be willing to put that to work.” Of the 2012 presidential contenders, Trump was booed by the crowd after he said, “I wish there was a candidate that I saw that would be fantastic because I love what I’m doing. I have a great club that’s 15 minutes away.” Trump followed by saying Ron Paul won’t be able to win.

Presidential candidates Ron Paul, Donald Trump, and Newt Gingrich.  Too bad Cheney seems to be demurring, or we’d have a real contest on our hands.

Currently in a jail cell in Juneau

Friday, February 11th, 2011

If you’re a crazy preacher wanting to hide Alaska is the place for you. They probably noticed him because he’s not from Texas. Also, he wasn’t driving a giant diesel pickup truck.

One, two, three…

He is from Texas. Here is a story of how he got his preaching ideas during the breakup of a small church in Leander, Texas where he is from. He stood out because he was standing outside in freezing weather demanding tithes.

I don’t forsee a part two or three.

The guy’s crazy enough that I bet Trinity Broadcasting Network has offered him a gig.

One, two, three…

He actually bragged that he was contacted by the 700 club people and had a radio show pending, but along with much of what he posted I think it was all delusion. Maybe he sent them an email and got a form email back and took it waaaay too seriously.

That sounds about right.  His prediction for the new year was that he would get his kids back, and he would have a national radio program.

What annoys me is that no matter the circumstances of a case and situation, in an era where people lead forms of public lives online (and Lee has been wanting to be a Celebrity of sorts anyways) — we’re an era where one is told and supposed to cultivate an online image for the benefit of future employers, a matter with a lot of discomfiting repercussions —

You’re always going to have your Defenders.  This guy, commenting in the Oregonian, is a piece of work himself —

From what I read on this, he said “God was going to punish those who harmed him” and this was taken as a threat by him, so does this mean all preachers will go to jail now when they state this ?
Does it mean when people read the parts where is says God is going to punish sinners that it will be taken as a threat too and put in jail and having to post gobs of money for bail ?
Does it mean that if Judges and law official say they are going to punish you that it can be taken as a threat now too because they directly threaten people every day. The guy lost his family and no one is helping him with his loss WTH ? If he is in fact mentally ill then someone needs to sue the courts for not taking this into consideration as it is blatant discrimination to the mentally ill by everyone involved. So far I think this case is bogus and should serve as a warning to things you post online for everyone can be bent to serve the law anyway they see fit. But if he violated a restraining order not to post info, then it’s sad that he could not contain himself in expressing through words only on a message board of which what once considered a place of free speech. Watch out what you say any where including text messages, because it can and will be used against you in a court of law.

What is up with “Supporting Guy”?  I guess he’s worried about a slippery slope such that “HOW I WOULD REJOICE TO SEE YOU WRITHE AND BLEED AND YOUR SKIN TO BE BROKEN AND YOUR BONES CRUSHED. HOW I WOULD ENJOY TO WASH MY FEET IN YOUR F…ING HISPANIC BLOOD!!!! OH, HOW I WOULD REJOICE!” will slide over to anything he might have to say to people.  I imagine there’s an element of how people become defensive with these things.

The commenting exchange went nowhere.  Post the inflamatory quote, or ones like that.  He reposts the “Just quoting the bible” screed.  Like the end of the youtube clip, where Preacher Prophet  argues that the Mechanic has called him a False Apostle because of publishing a head covering article, as though that’s the one thing anyone cares about.

For the record, he once gave me a repobation percentage of, like, It was something like 98.7864 percent — I don’t remember and the only really interesting thing about the figure was the existence of four or five numerals after the decimal point.

But to review, the launch of this chapter in the life of Preacher Prophet Man is available at youtube: 

Daniel:  Well, Exodus 20 says that my wife and children are my property. It says do not covet your neighbors donkey his house his…your…his neighbors wife, they are a form of property.  Now,granted my wife and children are my most valuable property. I would never sell them. But they  are my property, according to Torah.   And,yes I realize that techically, in Oregon Law yes, I’m kidnapping my children, okay…fine. But Torah supercedes Oregon Law! So, that’s why I’m kidnapping my children!
James:Dude! And you’re gonna go to jail.
Daniel: No, I’m not. They…They’re never gonna find me in Government Camp. Trust me, it’s very rual. It’s up in the mountains of Oregon.They’re never gonna find me! They’re never gonna find me.

Take bets in Vegas on when DJL will be arrested.  The most amusing thing to see is that over the past few days, the comment has been posted on any website (news or blog) concerning this story — “He’s in Haines, Alaska”  — which, I guess sort of sums up his insane naivette of escaping into the mountains — really rural places — where they can never find him.

I suppose I can now look away, and look back to see where things are five years from now.

Michelle Bachman versus Ron Paul

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011


Top House Democrats pounced on Republicans’ mishandling of a routine vote Tuesday evening, which caused a bill to extend provisions of the Patriot Act go down in defeat.

The Democrats said Wednesday morning that the failed vote is a sign that Republican leaders aren’t prepared to handle the practical difficulties of governing.

“I don’t think they’ve found their center yet,” Democratic Caucus conference chair Rep. John Larson (D-Conn.) said. “It seems they’re coming apart at the seams.”

AND Item:

Only 26 Republicans voted against the bill, and there are 52 members of the Republican Tea Party Caucus, whose chairperson, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn)  voted for reauthorization along with most of the rest of her caucus. As Slate’s Dave Weigel  points out, only eight of the 26 were Republican freshmen elected last November. One hundred and twenty-two Democrats voted against reauthorization, I suspect most of them just because they could.

So how did the bill fail? Basically Republicans were trying to pass the bill under “suspension of the rules,” which is considered the process for passing “noncontroversial” legislation.  You need a two thirds majority of those present to pass bills that way. For one brief night, Republicans in the House learned what it was like to be a Democrat in the Senate.

Leave all this aside.  The really interesting storyline here concerns the battle between two supposed Presidential candidates, both representative of strains of something called the “Tea Party”.  Do you side with Ron Paul and his small grouping allying with Dennis Kucinich and his small grouping backed by more cynical Democrats —

— and Ron Paul is running for President, and driving for support to win the CPAC preference poll, sure to lead to moanings from everyone else at the conference who’d rather vote for someone solid like–

Michelle Bachman — supposedly running –, leading the fight to bring extend the Patriot Act (which will inevitably happen, as the Security State is a bipartisan affair, with only an alliance of Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich fighting against it).

Depends on which strain:

The failure of the two-thirds vote – with 26 Republicans joining 122 Democrats to vote against it – fractured GOP unity on a key national-security issue and put a faction of the conservative House in line with liberals like Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D) of Ohio, who urged the tea party movement to stay true to its ideals by defeating laws like the Patriot Act that give government the “deepest reach into our everyday lives.”

It’s hard to trust the politics of this thing.

Since I recently touched on this here… Preacher Prophet Update

Wednesday, February 9th, 2011

A comment from the Preacher:

You never got rid of me, you fucking fool.
In fact the web traffic on my website has SKYROCKETED.
Yah rebuke you, you fucking filthy hypocrite!

Followed neatly by, two messages later:

LOL, I guess this was a last gasp. He may have even been typing this as the authorities were knocking at his door. It turns out DJL was arrested aproximately 2 hours after posting this.


I was hoping you had heard….G-d is not mocked, sooner or later He was going to shut this fool up.
Let’s pray he stays locked up a long time.

So it goes.  And goes.  And goes.