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1974?  Seminal date in the history of things.  Just as, what, 1958?
1974 was when Larouche started fingering the British!
Lyndon LaRouche and his associates were ALWAYS right about the British. I, and about 100 or slightly more, of our associates, have served with LaRouche in the “anti-British imperialism campaign” of 1974-2010, a thirty-six year period, during which we often deployed for seven days/week. This campaign began “officially” in the early morning hours of January 1, 1974, when a plot to assassiate LaRouche was thwarted, in the course of the which, British authorship of that plot, was not only definitively exposed, but linked to a much bigger game.

Go ahead and make fun of Lyndon Larouche, but when the Mossad, the Freemasons, and the House of Windsor come after your pancreas DONT COME CRYING TO ME.

And with that warning…
Years ago, someone — college aged — posted something on youtube.  An interview with a LYMer manning a table just outside an Art College (or maybe the UW) in Seattle.  It was this passive allowance with mock agreement on whatever the LYMer said, a phony phone number exchanged, all leading to an agreement to a meeting / encounter that never happened.  There was a line in the video that was quite good — the interviewer asked, “What do you think of the students’ art here?”  The LYMer answered with a feh, and a statement that “They aren’t even interested in launching a new Renaissance!”

This production from the LYM — fails to ignite a new Renaissance.
Which is just as well.  We are on the verge of a New Dark Ages, inevitible if Obama is not removed from office before the date of Lyndon Larouche’s next birthday in September, you’ll hear after 5 minutes on this Internet radio broadcast.  I don’t know what to make of that thing — struggle past the minute and a half of the “Everything Politics” rap and see how long you can survive this.  I didn’t make it to hear Kesha Rogers.

I am not sure what I am supposed to be on the look-out on Larouche’s birthday.  It’s apparently another “Phase Shift” vaguity — it’s all over even if nothing tangible happens.  Seeing that the concept is always that on these days, 14th Century Dark Ages beckon — I’ll go ahead and say that unless 1 Billion people on Planet Earth die out within a week, Larouche will be wrong once again, and this Doomsday Cult can go ahead and call it quits, and — I don’t know, split off to work to elect Tom Tancredo or Alvin Greene.

I’m reading this fan of Larouchian economics.
In my blog dated June 27, 2010, I say that Lyndon LaRouche (1922- ) is one of seventeen ‘big thinkers.’ (click) He became one of these thinkers when he modernized the economy that Jesus Christ spoke about in Ch. 24 of Matthew in the New Testament.
Wow.  Was this part of the work he came up with in prison with Jim Bakker?

The content of the natural economy is measured annually with pie charts. A pie chart example is shown below. As an economy grows, more and more pie charts are necessary to study the natural growth. This natural economy will move humans from planet to planet.

All right.  All this time I thought the only useful graph for the Larouche organization was this one:

  But I guess not.  They’re all into pie charts?  piechartrising

I’ve got a good pie chart.  It’s right here.  I regret to say that the chart is already out of date, and the situation has deteroiated since.  I better get the situation rectified before the Wimar Hyperinflationary Triple Curve sets in again.

Say, WHERE’S MY WEIMAR INFLATION?  July 16th has passed.  There is no Weimar Inflation.  These things have a romantic glean to them — 60 percent of respondents to an Alex Jones website poll forsee a “Road Warrior Future”, I imagine because these 60 percent want to experience the thrill of one of their favorite science fiction dystopias.

Here’s something interesting.  A case of a person looking out over the material online and coming to one conclusion about Larouche — “Hey!  Kesha Rogers!”.
And another who comes to a different conclusion.
Well, I imagine they’re just seeking to affirm their own biases and see in the web what they want.

What’s fantastic for them is how the web provides a useful recruiting platform.  Check this one out!

Pleasanton4Life — This IS exactly what we need in this country. I’m definitely going to their townhall meeting in Livermore this Friday.

livermore925 —  Now, I normally don’t agree with LaRouche’s controversial ideas, but for some reason he is making a lot of sense to me. I found myself even donating $50 to get one of his books and DVDs. […] I think their Townhall info is at our Public Library this Friday starting at 3pm. I’ll see you there!

Nancy — Yeah, seems like you are a bit cooky Stacey. I’m not sure if your a pro-Obama freak, but I think the message is correct. I got a membership just recently and probably will go to the town hall on Friday. Don’t drink the kool-aid Stacey. I recommend you listen to Savage Nation to get your facts straight. Summer Shields was on there too!  (Wait.  Did Summer Shields get an interview on Savage?)

Tri-Valley Teacher – You seem to have a wrong definition of totalitarian fascism. The only fascist I see who is hurting my family and friends is Obama. I don’t know much about LaRouche, but anyone with the balls to put a Hitler mustache on this insane “empty-suit” community organizer you call President is good with me.  I would suggest you pick up a few history books, because the policies being rammed down our throats by the Obama team, is literally and silently killing people.
When I went to the LaRouche website I personally enjoyed this discussion at this link:
(link to Harley Schlanger excitedly talking with Larouche about Basement tehniques linking the Asteroid Belt with exciting new princples in confronting the British Empire)
And, I have often asked myself, why can’t this President (and the last one as well), engage in this quality of dialogue, with the American people.

Jeff –  I’ve been a Democrat all my life, my parents were FDR Democrats and switched over in the Carter days. I’ve felt the same need to switch over my card to a more independent ticket considering the disgrace and highly disappointing year and a half.
 Everything, this country has fought for. We were pioneers in almost everything. Now, what can I really say to my children. “Oh wait, we have a black president.” Well, who gives a fly F@#$, I’m BLACK, what the heck does that mean if he is destroying our country.
If I had the time, since I’m barely making it because of Obama’s “economic recovery”, I would protest with those young lads.  I’ll give whatever time I have to see this guy out. When is that Townhall meeting?

What with Jeff, Tri-Valley Teacher, Nancy, livermore925, and Pleasantown4life all in attendence, That meeting  — on “Our Extraterrestrial Imperiative” — must have raked in the big bucks, moved ideas about, and landed the necessary signatures to become an official write-in candidate.

It turns out that a group of Lyndon LaRouche supporters were in town to drum up support for write-in candidate Summer Shields to face Nancy Pelosi for a seat in the 8th Congressional District. This seemed odd to me as Tracy is in the 11th Congressional District. They were merely looking for supporters to help in their campaign. They were told “it was a good area”. […]  I’m not sure whether they got enough signatures or they decided too much controversy and publicity. Now I just have to wait for the next sign.

Kesha Rogers held a chorus in Sugar Land Town Center yesterday.  Still haven’t seen her prize winning 4th of July Parade float.  There will be an ice cream social at Ben and Jerry’s tomorrow.  Today there’s an um… unspecified location… discussion about Leibniz.  I’m sure it’s fascinating.  It’s sure to defeat Pete Sessions in November!

Meanwhile, over in Rachel Brown’s purview:
Today’s volunteer, sporting a tricorn hat, had set up a table with a poster reading “Pull over, stop Obama.” There did not appear to be much room in which passing motorists could comply.

Title of blog post taken from a David Frum post.  Some of David Frum’s best friends are ex-larouchies…

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