I want to know the Dalai Lama’s favorite Nascar racer

Question of the day:

What level of arrogance does it take to believe the Dalai Lama should opine on Tiger Woods?

If, at this exact moment, someone were to spontaneously announce: “In three minutes, you’ll meet the Dalai Lama.  Maybe you’ll get to ask him a question or two” —

— Would you ask him about Tiger Woods?

Why?  I guess he’s Buddhist (or “Buddhist”, as the case might be), as Brit Hume pointed out when he urged him to convert to Christianity.   But that’s the oddsest clustering of the “assuming a tall black man can play basketball” variety.  But maybe when you get down to it there aren’t really any questions worth asking the Dalai Lama, so you might as well turn to American sports pop culture fluff.

Could the question at least have been about what matters most for Tiger Woods, how he could maximize, salvage, and recoup lucrative commercial endorsements?

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