A Summer of Marginal Relevance fades into a return to an Autumn Irrelevancy

Here’s the current quote-pull at the top of google news search when “Larouche” is sought.:

“The Boomers will be scared into becoming human, because you’re in the real world, and they’re not,” … “Unless they want to commit suicide”
This comes out of the seven or so news links regarding the lawsuit Molly Kronberg brought them.  The previous quote I saw was actually not from him at all, but from Rachel Brown in that whole thing with Barney Frank.  (Look down these things here.)  And such is the end of this “15 Minutes of Fame-ishness”, the most media attention that the cult has received in about twenty years.
Another sign of the end of this “15 Minutes of Fame-ishness” is that the assorted blog mentions are right back to their status quo.  The leader of the Larouche Cryonics Movement has a message missile to throw to someone or other.    And this person obsessed with Satanism believes that this should receive more attention in the Military than it’s receiving.  The “Town Hall Mania” of Hitler Mustaches has faded to a brief mention here on “the only ugly incident at the Town Hall meeting” of “your typical 20-something brainwashed dirtbag”, the “healthy debate” that follows this, your Michelle Bachmans.  Some annoynaces in front of storefronts.  (Begging that question:  Strange. What is a “LaRouche”?)
Though, reading through these comments, I am always back to that Seinfeld question: “Who… are… these people?”

Instead of name calling about “LaRouche cultists” and such hot-button language, try not to be half-assed on the facts. I have no idea why LaRouche has gone off in the more recent direction, he does seem to have seized the bit in his teeth and is not being reined in, but some of his prior stuff is sane and makes more sense in terms of how the public should be treated than those who have been taking UnitedHealth money and now are representing UnitedHealth interests over the public interest.

It ends with that thud.  Rumble through the conservative blog vane at a Representative Dingle meeting, an “Obama Mustache Poster Waver” is identified as a “Dingle Supporter” — makes sense, Dingle that type the Larouche org would glom on to — and (you’re losing me with this one) “Plant”.  This goes to show you that while there is no moral gain from becoming an enemy, there is also no moral to lose from becoming a “friend” — and vice the versa with the words “gain” and “lose”.  (See too:  I even went outside to ask individuals to stop being rude to all visitors and clean up their acts. I was appalled at the behavior of the LaRouche PAC and am even quoted on their Web site asking them to tone it down. )  OR:  including LaRouche followers, who had scurried to get a protest of their own together at noon, when they found out that those “George Soros funded MoveOn people . . . that support blatant marxism and more Federal control [who] are not the voice of the Texas people” had a permit for a rally. (Actual quote from their e-mail)

The “Liberal Blog Vane” pretty much has its final shot with Larouche as “loose grenade material” with this dailykos post.  What strikes me about the comments is the manner that the partisan Democrats more or less just drop off the fourth wheel of this “Quad” and go for the more clear-cult partisan enemies:  Michele Bachmann, Betsy McCaughey, Sarah Palin.  That actually might be something of a victory for the org — along the lines of how The Guardian managed to mention Anton Chaitkin of Executive Ingelligence Review without mention of Larouche.

For their part, the question What do the LYMers know anyway about this “takeover”?:

Comment #9:   As to the youth movement, I was accosted by a group of them in Seattle just last week. When I responded by saying, “Hey, look, it’s a dining room table”, it quickly became clear that there was only out of the group who had the slightest idea what I was talking about. Now, that’s a pretty dumb bunch, even by dining room table standards.
Purely anecdotal, I suppose, but it begs the quesiton:  How can they be so shut off from the world that they miss their effects of their “World Changing” activism?

Argurably a small bit of whiplash comes with these placed side by side:
#20:  I knew a fellow who was in one of Larouche’s groups years ago, back in the Seventies. Among other things, they thought that Stalin actually had some pretty good qualities, and certainly wasn’t the mass-murdering monster most have come to believe about him.

#39:  To use Lenin’s phrase LaRouche, and now his disciples, have now become the “Useful Idiots” for an American Fascism. Only his death and the eventual falling away of his followers (to the American Nazi Party perhaps?) will reduce the incidence of stupidity within the American body politic!
Strictly speaking, no.  I don’t know “where they will go” — I’ve stated already a suspected more-than-half lifing away after the old cult leader falls away, which at least suggests a bit of remnants.  But not to the “nazi Party”, and this is something that I see drives ex-members crazy.

For his part, Barney Frank was the subject of a cover story for the conservative National Review, which while oppositional and critical made failed in the task of referencing Frank’s Nazi and Fascist and Hitlerite antecedents.  Barney Frank has also thrown in his support behind Ron Paul’s “Fed Audit” bill, putting his name in highlights in some of those Ron Paul adoring conspiratorial sites that Larouchies have to fight for some space.  (See the “google quote news pull” for one particular prisonplanet link — which gets in there by dent of a Larouchie commenter grabbing the first spot in a comments section!  And while I’m on prisonplanet, look to the comments section on this page — one notable quotation: this woman was a agent provacateur   it was a set up AND Anyway – the reason why she didn’t have anything else to say there was probably due to a bug in her programming…)  Add in his name having been floated briefly, and batted away, for possible replacement in Ted Kennedy’s seat, and we see Barney Frank’s career moving away from this odd little footnote.

While “Leatherstocking” in the wikipedia edit attempts tries to forge forward the “Was right about the 2007 — 2008 Collapse into Armegeddon!” insertion, as against a handy chart here.

As for me, after reading the first paragraph of LPAC’s reponse to Lawsuits:
According to various British-steered internet blogs, Molly Kronberg, a collaborator of circles associated with Tony Blair, the former British Prime Minister and controller of U.S. President Obama, wants to sue Lyndon LaRouche and his political action committee, LaRouche PAC. She has teamed up with former LaRouche prosecutor John Markham. This frantic propaganda and publicity stunt is a direct British reaction to LaRouche’s largely successful campaign to defeat the Nazi-like British-designed healthcare plan of the Obama Administration.

I feel the need to assert a certain Britishness.  Well, in honor of a nickname I had way back in high school … there’s this — “SPAM”. 

The obvious observation to the response otherwise comes from here:

When asked for a response to the lawsuit, a LaRouche associate pointed the Times-Mirror to the Web site article.
In the article, the LaRouche PAC calls Molly Kronberg a collaborator of circles associated with former British Prime Minister Tony Blair

Yeah, that’s one response to the lawsuit that might backfire

In other news: a belated report of “a very interesting and successful experience for all involved“, “Speaking In Forked Tongues” and all that.

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  1. Justin Says:

    A letter in the Aug. 26 Herald criticizes me for not being nicer to a constituent who compared President Barack Obama to Hitler and the writer says I should have expressed understanding of her position (“Rep. Frank faulted,” Aug. 27).

    I fully understood her position: She was not a constituent, but part of a delegation of supporters of Lyndon LaRouche from New Hampshire who came to peddle the LaRouche line. LaRouche and his followers have invoked the Hitler analogy against every president in my memory, and I have consistently expressed my complete lack of respect for this type of attack, whether it was against Obama, either Bush, Clinton or Reagan.

    Finally, I hope that people will understand that, especially for those of us who are Jewish, reckless invocation of Hitler’s terrible crimes diminishes what we hope will be their terrible historical significance.

    – U.S. Rep. Barney Frank, 4th Congressional District

    The Comments section to this? Hm…

    And of course,
    Similar youtube video available a year or so ago. (Gone Viral, I see.) Similar to:

    I would also like to throw a few stray thoughts I meant to throw but skipped past while typing this post up. #1: I believe it is to the dailykos link, but there was a comment there saying this reminds him/her of “The Obama Deception”, The Alex Jones film which relies heavily on the expertise of one Webster Tarpley (and a lot of other figures of that type). #3: The prisonplanet link includes a comment that denounces Larouche by pointing to an LPAC posted denounciation of Alex Jones as a “populist” (negative word for them) that is floating that oh-so-insane conspiracy that the government is hoaxing the Swine Flu epidemic, and pushing vaccines. It’s an interesting relationship we see here — though I gather mostly the org are interested in shutting down this competition for mindspace for their membership (one well on the “Eugenics plot” wagon) while at the same time we see comments left there by way of trying to skim some things.

  2. Justin Says:

    Random observation: an old Webster Tarpley thingy on youtube (I see this with his name indexed in my “bloglines” page, which routinely does something strange that throws 200 old items out) describes Tarpley as an “old time Democratic Consultant”. I’m sure he’s competing with Paul Begala for 2010 candidates’ services.


    Google News search:
    A comparison to Ron Paul supporters. A brief two sentences here:
    A young LaRouchite got to the microphone and said that “Mr. LaRouche” had exposed Obama’s “Nazi” health plan, but Edwards simply ignored her.
    http://www.insidebayarea.com/argus/localnews/ci_13240523 . Rep Pete Stark
    A: In two of the three meetings, I had what I presume were Larouchees (followers of Lyndon Larouche), people who were practiced at being annoying. I just sat down and waited for them to shut up or waited for the crowd to tell them to shut up.

    Rep. Carol Shea-Porter
    Audience members heatedly questioned the constitutionally of a public option and whether Nazi principles of eugenics are behind the current push for health care reform.
    (Probably really just confined to one questioner, it appears.)
    “This isn’t about providing health care, it’s an economic policy,” said Alan Demers, 23, of Quincy, Mass. “It’s about cutting costs. It’s about killing human beings.”
    Demers, a supporter of once-jailed presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche, said Obama’s plan for a public option is “inexplicably Nazi.”
    “I am offended by what you said about the President,” Shea-Porter shot back in a terse response. “I’m sorry, you must read the bill — it says nothing at all about death panels.”

    The LaRouche kids peddle their wares for food and a roof, think of them as a less dangerous incarnation of scientology.

    What’s Mars got to do with this, exactly?

    And, as seen at factnet, the Workers World Fights the Smears.
    Like I’m supposed to care?

    The attempt at Reason.:

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