Glenn Beck is insane

From the Reason “Hit and Run Blog”, I see the cover to Glenn Beck’s upcoming book.

Okay.  A little help, please.  What is Glenn Beck trying to get at here?  It’s the quesiton seemingly everyone wants to know.  It is, I guess, an East German military uniform.  In, as they say, a “Werner Klemperer pose” — mimicing the parody of a Nazi German officer on “Hogan’s Heroes”.

I’m tempted to suggest that Glenn Beck is trying something like the parody radical chic a Michael Moore might do with Che, “ironic” because, you see, he’s called a “Far Leftist” and so he would roll to that image.  Glenn Beck, called “Fascist”, imposes the clownish image to the Far Right but somehow mixes the messaging with that one.  Notwithstanding that it’s not a very good message in the first place — he’s supposed to be “Revolutionary” somehow or other, isn’t he?

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