The Pitch against Reality

It’s always interesting to see how the parties position their fund raising pitches, tending toward an unrealistic Villiany.  Try this story for instance.

The Democratic Governors Association sent a fundraising e-mail to supporters Tuesday highlighting Minnesota, Alaska, Florida and Georgia as “top pickup prospects.”  […]

He also invoked DFLers’ biggest opponents — Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Sen. Norm Coleman — in his pitch.

“Bachmann, you may remember, called for an ‘armed and dangerous’ revolution against President Obama’s policies,” Glendening wrote. “And when Norm Coleman lost his 2008 Senate race, he wasted millions of dollars on legal maneuvers designed to keep Al Franken from being seated.

“Can you imagine what Bachmann or Coleman would do if they took control of Minnesota and its eight congressional districts?”

A bit hard to fathom.  I am willing to bet neither will be running for Governor, or if one or the other does (particularly Bachman — though Coleman would be exempt from my bet if he had lost the election a bit more cleanly), the Republican Party of Minnesota and nationally would be unofficially backing somebody else for nomination.  And that’s not just because of the sentiment expressed with:

Although the names of both Bachmann and Coleman have been bruited about as potential candidates, both have demurred about the possibility.

So why bring the dire warnings of a Bachman or Coleman Governorship into a fundraising pitch?  Was George W Bush pre-occupied?

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