I apparently blinked in my sideways glance of the going ons in Ron Paul World. Somewhere in noticing the various storming of the gates of local and state Republican parties — welcome in some, summarily dismissed in others, in noting the easily overstated upper teen and onto 30 percent in Idaho vote getting in Republican primary, the #1 seller at, and how’s that blimp going?

I missed the latest and newest from Ron Paul World until it received some press in the New York Times. The latest from Ron Paul World is… the creation of Ron Paul World. Libertarian Communes, with all the contradictions inherent in that phrase. “Paulville”, and the first one is now being set up in the Texas panhandle — oddly enough, not in Ron Paul’s congressional district. The one thing I find amusing with Paulville is the line that “people can choose to live off the grid” if they so choose when moving there, off the grid of Paul-ville, which itself is suppose to be off the grid of the nation writ large, which means — there is setting up a big of Libertarian snobbery where the Truly Rugged can thump about and feel superior to those Welfare Cheats sucking off the teet of the Paulville government.

Ron Paul has an opportunity in the waiting here. If he wants to become a true cult figure, there his followers are — ready to be moved.

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