from the lower 80 percent, though I consider myself in the mid 50s

With the dying out of Lyn’s generation, the Baby Boomers lost all competence in science, because they were no longer under pressure from a rational population. Scientific discussion also died in our organization. Thus they have no conception of economy, and don’t believe in reality.
(From the Morning Briefing, March 11, 2008.)

It looks for all the world as though the Baby boomers are being tossed under the Bus, almost in a sort of “You can’t quit. You’re fired” kind of deal. I had thought that the Baby-boomer rhetoric had subsided, but it seems to be back in full force.

Anyway, the collapse of Bear Stearns and its government bail-out, I suppose, has to be viewed as one of those “History Changing Events” which sets up something like a 1,000 Year Dark Age that needs to be combatted. Similiar to the BAE Scandal, which as we all remember — changed EVERYTHING. The BAE Scandal was the reason everyone in the org was perturbed and a little shell-shocked in late April and May of 2007. The BAE Scandal. Right? RIGHT?

June 30, 2007: I think that Lyn’s message to everybody in light of the stunning events of the last week, is that people have to have a quiet, frank contemplation and recognize any impulses and tendencies to be driven by fear and to especially overcome any other forms of rage or other means by which people can tend to deny if they’re in a fearful state. Because the world has just changed in the
most dramatic and profound way, as the result of Lyn’s webcast on the June 21st, where he blew the lid on the BAE scandal and on Dick Cheney, and set about an absolutely dramatic change in every aspect of the global strategic situation.

One Thousand Year Epoch stops a few months in to to usher in a new one. “Lyndon Larouche has predicted 100 of the last two Recessions.” That’s a funny quotation, everyone ought to remember it for easy access. Hm. Remember the Great Depression which was set off with the stock market tumble in October of 1987? Maybe you lost gobs of money off it. Or maybe you managed to ride it out and regained more money. We all remember the effects were exactly like the Great Depression, just as prophesyzed before-hand, and just as cited after-ward. Except for, you know, the 30 percent unemployment rate lingering through a decade.

The crisis of October 1987 which I had forecast in June and later to occur in approximately October, happened exactly as I had forecast, expressed in a stock-market crash of 1929 characteristics and magnitude

It is interesting to sort out the references being made with this phrase, “The Jumper Brigade”. Obviously it is a bludgeon against Ken Kronberg as well Jeremiah Duggan, petty grievances when there’s a Thousand Year Dark Ages to stop. And it is an allusion to the Stock traders who lost everything in 1929. But beyond an insult at me, it looks more significantly as a shot in the dark toward the slice of baby-boomers in that strata of the cult referenced here, as… um… no longer really into this thing, and are “Joining the Bridge Jumper’s Brigade”, so to speak.:

A stupid manpower policy with the NEC and NC is key. How much work is each of the leadership doing each day? How many are on the job, versus how many away from work? There work is here! Why are they not on the job? The leadership required to run things is not on the job. Why not? They have jobs on the side! We have non-functioning leadership,–misleadership. The organization is slipping around with no leadership. NEC members attend a meeting from time to time, but they’re not out there working in the organization. The sales people are working without supervision and direction, so they tend to flounder into incompetent things with no idea, no clarity. The organization around the country is not as bad as it looks. How bad is it? It’s not really that bad, it just lacks effective leadership.

Another slash of Kremlinology. It is hard to shake the feeling that there has been a massive Document Dump onto Dennis King. Look around that conference table, and apparently you will find it sparsely attended. So, is the LYM ready for prime time?

In other items of interest, I half followed Phil Ossifur’s banishment from a forum devoted to Cryonics because “he seems to regard cryonics as sub-genre of Larouchian politics”. He left this post. Which, you know, reads as you might expect, except I miss references to the “Bridge Jumper’s Brigade”.

Oh. By the way. Famed Sex columnist Dan Savage. But just skip to the final post.

A few years ago some LaRouche supporters got the 89 year old mother of a friend of mine to write the 11 checks for $5000.00 each in the space of a week. She had that much money available in order to pay her home-health care workers. When questioned by her daughter she told her that they had said the money was for national defense and she would be helping the president. Any group that uses lies to prey upon the gullibility of the elderly is in no way legitimate.

Which puts his concern over corruption and greed in our financial institutes, and the short term thinking that goes into creating the exploitable problems, into a correct perspective, methinks.

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  1. Philossifur Says:

    At first, I thought you were pro-Larouche– but then I realized your toungue was in your cheek.

    At least you’re reading some of the Larouche perspective and considering it. Consider BAE system– for example. That didn’t go away. It still exists– but what I’m finding is that the issues and problems are exploding at a rate that we can’t cycle back through everything often enough.

    Right now, the Empire has been moving toward the Lisbon Treaty in Europe– so BAE systems reasearch is set aside. What’s needed is a multi-dimensional tracking system to watch the British Empire in action. Nothing Larouche wrote about goes away.

    Take one more item– the crash in 1987. The effect of that was to bring in Greenspan whose solution made things worse. The catastrphiic efffects haven’nt’ been really felt in terms of starvation, disease and death “YET” because the economy was so big and the monetary system was so thick that we’ve been insulted. In reality, howver– you can plainly see the problem from a physics point of view– You’re a monetarist and you believe in money– and this is what Larouche sees as the problem– becaues without the physics– it IS doomed and the sudden collapse will occur like it would for an SUV on thin ice..

  2. Justin Says:

    And so it continues, wearily.

    Cowardice, and related forms of personal moral corruption, among former associates, as exemplified by the case of the Molly Kronberg who, in 1989, went, like Benedict Arnold, out of corrupting fears under threats from government, over to the cause of civilization’s and our own association’s leading adversary, the British Empire, have taken their toll in such forms as virtual treason to that cause of our republic and humanity generally which we continue to serve.

    Now we have reached the great historic hour of decision which I foretold nearly thirty-seven years ago. Never has there been a moment during that interval, when, except for the political or moral equivalent of victims of either sexual ejaculatio praecox or rage provoked by fears of sexual impotence, that that perspective I set forth between August and December 1971 not been the most crucial feature of the way in which history since that time has actually unfolded, up to the present moment.

    It is important, especially for us, who remain troubled by the morally disappointing patterns of personal behavior among some former and some present colleagues, that we understand the deeper implications of the indicated pathological tendencies.

    Liberally Corrupted!

    Oh by the way, Howdy Mr. Ossifur.

  3. Rachel Holmes Says:

    Jeez, I always thought Molly Kronberg had some kind of guts for standing up to LaRouche, as she famously did during the New York trial of 1989 and thereafter.

    It was really funny in the 1990s watching the NEC pray that she would quit, and her not quitting for some reason. Actually, there were two reasons, both totally intelligible:

    1. First, and most important, Ken didn’t want her to quit.
    2. The fact that she wouldn’t quit drove LaRouche bananas.

    As for cowardice, what can you say about a guy who hasn’t dared go out in public alone since 1974? A guy who thought he was being murdered by colonoscopy?

    I wish someone would give THAT archival material to Dennis King–the fall 1989 LaRouche press releases about the government’s villainous colonoscopy gambit.

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