on a life.

Eugene Victor Coats  [Pretty clearly not his real name, though I suppose it may be one of the more official aliases.]
B. 11/24/24
D.11/24/07  [Pretty clearly not the date of death, but we can assume he passed away a few days ago.]
[i]11/1/06:   As we go thru this life we wonder at times if what we have done amounts to the cost of the print on the paper we record the event on. My life has been episodic; seems I bump along for awhile doing mundane things in an everyday sort of way, then suddenly, out of the blue, something triggers me in such a way I have to get up and do SOMETHING about whatever is bothering me. Understand, something bothering me is not necessarily anything that would cause the average “man on the street” to even pause during his morning coffee break, but a thing that has suddenly reached such a state in my mental process that it requires “ACTION”.

That Action sometimes occasions breaking out that Nasty little bag of “Whipass” I seem to have been born with, and which was honed to a fine edge in another side of my work I shall not discuss at this time. Never-the-less, a means came to mind and I set out to find others who were bothered by the same problem; Pat Robertson was running for PRESIDENT. Infama!

Kletus and I were on a very close relationship in those days and he put me in touch with a Group that had just formed for the purpose of “investigating” that very condition, a group of people that included several CIA Types, a few Time Magazine Reporters, an ex-Marine Corps Commander(!), ordinary Agents who were between assignments, and other lesser knowns such as myself, you get the picture, I’m sure.

In a Konklave of these assorted individuals it was decided that Old Pat had to be brought up to and be forced to face his past “transgressions”, in a word, those who had, or those who knew someone who had, GOOD information should pass it along to those who knew how and where it could do the most good. Two things this brand of Asshole cannot stand is Ridicule, the other is showing the World how he acted when he thought no one was looking. The Classic Case of the Tele-evangelista caught with his pants unzipped. A sorry sight indeed.

Seems his father, a Godly Man in his own right, had used HEAVY influence to get his son, Prick tho he be, a Commission in the Marine Corps, a place where one might achieve some semblence of Glory if he has the “Tough” and the “Git it On” attitude that Service Branch is so well known for having. With that in mind, I give you 2nd Lt Pat Robertson, posted to a shooting war in Korea, who became that true Glory Hound, a Supply Officer in a far rear Echelon position [a safe place in most instances]. The plot thickens.

His old Marine Corps Comrades, not to be outdone, had a few interesting character quirks to pass on, one of the larger and more noteworthy being the Brand New 2nd Lt’s inability to keep his hands off the young girls/women the Officers hired to do housekeeping duties and probably other things as well, upon those dark and stormy nights one sometimes found in Korea, or other occasians as the situation warrants. One of his One-time Comrades Of Old even had a Copy of the Man’s Service Record he was willing to contribute to the cause, imagine that! Did I say that most of his Old Comrades did NOT have a very good opinion of him? I should have done so.

Just when The Holy One was really getting up Steam, spending lots and lots of his Contributors money, beginning to get some attention in this world, there was speculation in some circles that he might Go Far in His Great Quest, certain Publications began to insinuate [only slightly, mind you] that this Great Man, this Paragon of Rectitude, this Mann chosen by God Himself to lead the USA out of its Troublesome Sins of Booze, Sex, Rock&Roll Music, and only Satan Himself knows what else, Might Be A Little Bit Less Than Perfect. Dare we Speculate on such a Scenario?

Then the Ship hit the Sand [read that as The Shit Hit The Fan]. Time Magazine did a Special Edition on Rev Robertson, former 2nd Lt, Marine Corps Hero and possible Man of Destiny. Outside commentary as well as Letters to the Editor burnt up the Typesetter’s rack, Backing and Forthing everything this Great Man had ever done, including a reprimand for his constant Grabass Sessions with the Little Korean Girls. This was the unkindest Kut of All; Tele-evangelista’s, especially those in Olden days, do not and cannot stand the light of day when they have been caught with their pants down. I am sorry to say, this did not seem to have any effect upon his Radio-TV Broadcasting which continued being that Great Glorious Money-Sucking Device it had developed into, but it did Torpedo all chance of his Mucking Up the Presidential Election in that year or any other Election in that year or any other year for that matter.

Looking back on my life I can give myself a pat on the back, figuratively, for having done a few worth while
things during that life, and some of them, this one I just described in particular, a thing that was enjoyable almost beyond comprehension. I wish you all could have been there.[/i]

I post that, this being a slice of what appeared to have been a varied life of someone I don’t really know in the physical sense, but have communicated with much more than all but a handful of actual people I know in the real world really, over the Internet.  The source of much wisdom, he seemed to have made the most of his 83 years or thereabouts, developed a complicated and not entirely predictable state of viewing the world, and I guess that is all one can ask for.

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