Mr. A

A quote I saw the other day went to the effect of “(Ayrn Rand) requires the fervent elitism of late adolescence to truly be taken in. One either needs to acquire a taste for Ayn Rand then, or not at all.”

Ayn Rand, now that I think about it, would probably sit somewhere in the 20s in my list of 100 or thereabouts People who are screwing up America. (I can apparently include dead people, since L Ron Hubbard is listed in one of those books.)

But I’m pondering something here. Apparently part of her appeal as an intellectual, of some sort, is that she does not hide behind a wall of impenetrable words. And yet, the biggest by-product of hers in government — a man who had one foot in her inner Objectivist circle and one foot out, by all accounts — Alan Greenspan, was nothing if not impenertable in speech.

I have no answer. Ask Steve Ditko, and get back to me.

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