Phil Hendrie — RIP

Phil Hendrie has decided to retire from radio and pursue his acting career on a full-time basis. The last live broadcast of the syndicated “Phil Hendrie Show” will be June 23. Hendrie currently appears on the NBC television sitcom, “Teachers.”

Hendrie stated, “I have taken my show as far as I can in the present climate of terrestrial radio. I’ve been doing these characters for 16 years, and believe it’s time for me to take them from behind the microphone and present them in front of the camera.” […]

SVP Comedy Programming, NBC Universal Television Studio Shelley McCrory stated, “While this is a huge loss for radio, it’s a big win for television. We’re thrilled with the work Phil’s doing on our comedy series ‘Teachers,’ and look forward to a long future with him.”

Yes. Phil Hendrie is going to join the exciting and burgeoning world of … Network Television Sitcom Television… a place that just shouts out “Freshness”. “Teachers” looks like a horrible television show.

Ah well. That sucks. Rest In Piece, Phil Hendrie. I enjoyed you from 1998 onward, and now you fade into nothingness, leaving a blank on the dial. You had a bit of a miss when you slowly brought in your boisterous political discussions, (Hawkish on War), and at times in the last three years it spilled into your schtik (never a good arena for political points)– prior to that you had the one problem of devoting a full hour of your show to talking about how wonderful you are. But I could ignore all that and turn you off to wait for something better. But I am now set to prepare to think about you in the Past Tense. “Remember Phil Hendrie? Yeah, he was funny once upon a time. I liked it when he aped that midlevel Laker Player and talked about his German player as smelling like Cheese.”

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